Automatic Cycle Cleaning Modes Personal Mini Turbo Washing Machine


Keep your clothes clean and washed
thoroughly with this Personal Mini Washing Machine. This device is made to
solve your laundry needs and is perfect to use in small, rented, and confined
spaces such as dorms, apartments, and condos. 

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This portable washing machine adopts ABS
environmental health material, which is firm and wearable, beautiful and
durable, and effectively inhibits bacterial growth. It can hold laundry with a
capacity of 1KG.

This automatic washing machine works by plugging
in the power, eliminating the need of washing your clothes by hand or going to
the laundry center, saving your valuable time and easy to clean. It is also
equipped with protection against overheating; the washing machine will
automatically stop after 30 minutes of operation.

It has 4 kinds of cleaning modes (automatic
cycle cleaning, 2 minutes turbine alternately rotating back and forth,
simulated manual cleaning, 1.5 minutes high-frequency vibration cavitation with
ultrasonic waves, 5 minutes bubble washing.) Which produces cleaner garments
and prevents your clothes from tangling. It also emits low noise with high
efficiency, very fast and convenient.

This portable washing machine can save not
only one-third of the water compared to household washing machines, but also
save a lot of power compared to the traditional washing machines. It is also
perfect for small spaces like rented apartments, dormitories, and condominium



Color: White

Material: ABS

Diameter: 9 cm

Weight: 300g

Functions: Portable Washing Machine

Rated Voltage: 10v

Rated power: 6w

Power Supply: USB



1 * Washing Machine

1 * Power Cable

1 * User Manual


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