Linear guide block


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Features of MGN series small linear slide
1. Small size and light weight, suitable for miniaturized equipment.
2. The slider and slide rail are made of stainless steel to prevent rust.
3. Gothic four-point contact design, can withstand loads in all directions, strong rigidity and high accuracy.
4. It has a steel ball holder design, which is interchangeable with accuracy allowed.

Weight 230.0 kg
Dimensions 300 × 180 × 300 cm

MGN12H 450mm, MGN12C 400mm, MGN12C 200mm, MGN12H 500mm, MGN12H 200mm, MGN12C 500mm, MGN12C 300mm, MGN12H 550mm, MGN12H 350mm, MGN12H 600mm, MGN12H 300mm, MGN12C 600mm, MGN12H 400mm